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Hear why families trust Vibrant Family Chiropractic:

“Where do I begin...Dr. Liccar has helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful for her. There are many chiropractors but she is more than that. She actually listens and advocates for her patients. Furthermore, she has so much patience when it comes to children. I am someone who likes to ask questions and at times needs reassurance. She tailors her care to the patient; you are not just a number or dollar signs to her. I highly recommend Dr. Liccar and Vibrant Family Chiropractic!” - Gina Mariani

"After seeing the improvements in my wife, I realized that the lower back pain I had incurred from being a bike commuter and a previous spine injury did not have to be my reality. Chiropractic care has been a source of relief for my pain, and has helped me maintain optimal health. - Zach Buckley

“Taylor is amazing in so many ways. She has been such a blessing to our family. My daughter had extreme anxiety about going to the chiropractor at age 4. Taylor took her time and let my daughter warm up and become comfortable. She was always patient and kind with us, I will be forever thankful. My daughter now shrieks with joy when it's time to see her!” - Julia Pascoe

"After graduating and getting a job at Green Top Grocery, I met Dr. Liccar while she was shopping the aisles. When she mentioned she was a chiropractor, I realized I no longer had to live with intense jaw pain, indigestion, and overall aches. My chiropractic care is my most consistent form of self care, and I can't image how I would feel without it."

- Emma Crockett

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