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We believe that wellness should not be reserved for the wealthy and that finances should never be the only barrier to experiencing the miracle and healing power of Chiropractic care. As such, it is our mission to expand access to high quality chiropractic care for underserved populations including those with low income, military families and single-parent families.


Who qualifies?

  • Low income families

  • Single parent families

  • Military families


How does it work?

If you qualify under any of the three categories above you may request an application to apply and start care under Vibrant Community Wellness. 


After reviewing the information on your application your fee will be determined on a sliding scale based on your income and household size. The scale ranges from $25-40 per adjustment. 


Each new patient intake is $100.


How is this office different from Vibrant Family Chiropractic?

In terms of care, it is exactly the same. Dr. Liccar takes you through the same process and provides the same quality of care for you as she does with her other office. The only difference is cost of care. 

What information will need to be provided on the application?

  • Your reason for applying

  • Your household size

  • Your household income

  • Proof of your household income (ex: W-2 or Tax Return)

  • Your ID and branch of military served in (if in armed forces)


How can you apply?
Email Dr. Liccar at to receive an application.

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